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Austin Film Production Companies

Independent Media Productions is among the most established and award-winning Austin film production companies in the industry. For over twenty years, we’ve provided full-service video production services to clients located throughout the country.

austin film production companies

Turnkey Video Production Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small startup non-profit or a multi-national organization. Video is an increasingly popular and effective communication tool to reach your target audiences. Whether you need a documentary overview, a training tutorial or coverage at your next big event, the team at Independent Media Productions can create the compelling video content you’re after.

Unlike many Austin film production companies, our team can be involved in every step of the production process. Before the camera rolls, we can assist with scouting locations, casting actors, lighting design and even scriptwriting. We can bring along our equipment on location, including teleprompters, dollies, and multiple cameras. During the post production process, our team will expertly cut, edit and polish your project until you’re completely satisfied. We can also add in motion graphics, animations, transitions and titles prior to encoding and authoring your video.

We’ve Got You Covered

Independent Media Productions has worked with every type of client – from small universities to Fortune 500 companies. We offer a wide gamut of services covering every type of video available today.

Event & Conference Videos

We offer full-service event video production services to highlight your organization’s conference or seminar. From small educational seminars to multi-day conferences, we’ve covered the gamut when it comes to event video production. Often shot on-site, we can use multiple cameras to cover every aspect of the event you want showcased. We can also assist with lighting and audio support, as well as providing microphones and speakers for amplification if necessary.

Whether the intention of this video is to bring absentee attendees up to speed or to market your event for next year, we can represent your organization in a polished, professional light.

Corporate Video Production

A lot more emphasis is being put on company culture than ever before. Consumers want to know what their patronage is supporting and if it aligns with their personal convictions. Give viewers a genuine glimpse into your company’s culture with a corporate video project.

By utilizing customer testimonials, key employee interviews and product demonstrations, the resulting video project can be a great tool for both recruiting new employees and telling your company’s story. Share the video on your website, social media channels and at trade shows to increase your reach.

In addition to highlighting your organization, your company may also benefit from an expertly crafted training video. Unlike in-person meetings, viewers can watch video training tutorials over and over again. Lessen the stress on your support lines by creating a training video for employees or customers. With video becoming the most effective training tool in the modern digital world, it’s important to create insightful and comprehensive tutorial videos. At Independent Media, we can work with you to ensure that your final project covers all important information, gives detailed descriptions, shows valuable imagery and video footage, and effectively communicates your company’s standards.

Video training videos can be powerful tools. Be sure you’re investing your resources with one of the most experienced Austin film production companies in the industry. Independent Media has over two decades of knowledge in video production, and will work closely to ensure your final tutorial video is clear, informative and educational.

Non-Profit Video Production

Although it’s important for any organization to capture the attention of their target audience, it’s imperative for non-profits to move their viewers. With so much importance placed on fundraising efforts, it’s important to make the most of your marketing outreach. By utilizing customer testimonials, employee interviews and compelling B-roll footage, the team at Independent Media can produce a video that highlights your non-profit’s mission, initiatives and fundraising goals. No other Austin film production companies can create videos with compelling calls to action like Independent Media. Spread your organization’s story and reach new audiences by sharing your video on social media, posting it to your website, or sending it to area news stations.

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No matter your video production needs, the team at Independent Media Productions can meet and exceed your expectations. With over twenty years of experience, we’re one of the most experience Austin film production companies in the industry today. Contact us for a free video production quote today.

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