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Videographer Award for Dark Energy Video

Independent Media Productions Wins a Videographer Award for 'Dark Energy' Video Production

Austin, TX, --- Independent Media Productions, Inc., an Austin, TX-based video production company, has won a Videographer Award of Excellence. The winning project is an educational video, produced for the University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Cosmology Center, titled "Dark Energy: Speeding Up the Universe." The Videographer Awards is an international awards competition that recognizes outstanding achievement in video productions.

The goal of the video, one in a series, is to share the passion of understanding the Universe with a broad audience. Dark energy is a complex theory to explain, and the video brings the subject to life through interviews with prominent astronomers and professors, real photos from space and artistic renderings and animations of space concepts. Independent Media Productions collaborated on the video production with StarDate and the Texas Cosmology Center.

The Texas Cosmology Center seeks to answer fundamental questions about the Universe: how did the Universe begin? What is the Universe made of? What is the fate of the Universe? However, it is often difficult for the general public to comprehend these exciting yet complex topics. “That is why we have teamed up with StarDate to create videos, podcasts, and radio programs, so that we can use these materials to pass along the developments in our quest for understanding the Universe,” said Dr. Eiichiro Komatsu, Director of the Texas Cosomlogy Center.

“The outcome has been fantastic. We have created videos on Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Inflation, and Black Holes, all of which are truly excellent. They have been used in classes, public lectures, and fund raising. I am thrilled that one of the videos, Dark Energy, received the highest-level Videographer award.”

“It’s always great to work with bright, talented people, like those at Independent Media Productions,” said Damond Benningfield, StarDate producer. “They really helped put our interview subjects at ease, and Stacy Formby did a superb job of editing the piece to help tell the story we were aiming to convey to viewers. I think that viewers will have a much better understanding of the mysteries of dark energy thanks in large part to the efforts of Independent Media Productions.”

"StarDate and the Texas Cosmology Center were fun to collaborate with, from the scriptwriting phase, all the way through post production," said Stacy Formby, Creative Director at Independent Media Productions. "We enjoyed helping them bring their vision to life and creating content-rich tools to educate the public on our amazing Universe."The Videographer Awards are administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The Award of Excellence is one of the most coveted forms of recognition in the video industry.

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View all of the videos in the series on the Texas Cosmology Center website.

Dark Energy Video

This educational video for UT Austin won both Telly and Videographer awards, and features commentary from astronomers, an interview with a Nobel prize winner, photographs from space, and gorgeous educational animation. The script was written to appeal to everyone, not just astronomers or astronomy buffs.

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