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Video Production Workflow

Video Production Experts

Located in Austin, TX, we are a full-service video production company serving clients in Texas and nationwide.

As your turnkey video production partner, we ensure a seamless video production workflow from start to finish.

The Video Production Workflow

Austin pre-production


Planning is the crucial first step to a successful video production. We fully believe that the video production process can’t move forward without knowing exactly what we're hoping to accomplish together.

We’ll get to know your company and the goals you have for the project, and schedule an in-person meeting if it is needed.

Using this input, we will create a detailed proposal for your review. We’ll craft the overall vision and creative plan for the project.

During pre-production, we will collaborate on scriptwriting, interview questions, and creative concepting as needed to map the way.


Lights, camera, action! During production we will follow the pre-production plan to acquire all footage needed to complete the project. We’ll put together the right experienced crew, actors and voiceover talent for your project.

As your turnkey production partners, when we start rolling the cameras, we will have all of the necessary equipment on location to capture each frame exactly as planned. We capture all projects in full HD resolution, and use professional lighting and audio support for the best results.


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Post Production

During post-production, we will distill the footage we have acquired to tell the story. Using our original conceptual design as a guide, a rough cut is created to generate feedback and collaboration.

Graphics, photos, music, and voiceover are all added to create a dynamic product.

After approval, work begins on any editing tweaks. Final effects and audio design are added until we reach the final cut, resulting in a truly one-of-a kind video production.

The final deliverables can be web, broadcast, physical media, or any other format that you need. We can create DVD or BluRay menus, cover art, and case designs.