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Manufacturing Video Production

Austin area videos for manufacturing and design

As Austin-based video producers, we get to work with interesting businesses throughout our awesome city. From startups to well-established brands, we're always amazed at the variety of industry that's growing in Austin, Texas, including home grown manufacturing and design.

An Austin industrial video production story

We were contacted to capture b-roll and illustrative footage at a local industrial company. We had never heard the term "slip rings." But this is an important manufacturing product and there is a whole industry out there for them. A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and signals to a rotating structure.

Austin Manufacturing Videos

The production for each slip ring is very hands-on. And the skilled people we met take great pride in their work. They were all awesome and had a great camaraderie.

Our coverage went from one work station to another, throughout the manufacturing floor. We showcased the operation for an overview to be seen on their web site. 

The final shot was the whole group together. That one took a few tries. We finally got them all to quit laughing and joking with each other by take four. 

Industrial Video Production

Video editing and delivery

The editing flows from idea to design to execution. Utilizing our skills to tell the story of the slip ring group was a good match. Their skill and dedication are obvious in the footage.

Every shoot is a new opportunity to learn about the rapidly growing business community here in Austin, TX. We're proud to help our clients tell their stories through video.

Manufacturing and Industrial Video Production Austin TX

Our award-winning video production team will be pleased to help make your next project a success!

Manufacturing Process Videos

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