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Capturing Compelling Interviews and Testimonials

Interviews with medical professionals at a major medical conference. Sounds interesting, right? Acquiring important content to educate and inspire, it’s what we do as video producers.

An international gathering at the huge San Antonio convention center provided an amazing showcase of experts and technology from the medical field.

As Austin-based video producers, we enjoy occasional sojourns to other Texas cities. San Antonio is a perfect example; it’s 80 miles to the south with a big city vibe that is very different from Austin.

Our New York City-based interviewer had his subjects and subject matter all lined up. We’ve worked with him before. It was our job to provide a consistent “look” and professional audio and video quality to each scenario.

A black backdrop matched other interviews from across the country. We know from experience to “double backlight” the subject to ensure separation from the background.

Even though we were in a relatively quiet area, we weren’t in an enclosed room. We had to listen closely for occasional background noises. A couple of question & answer “re-takes” were required.

Interview and Testimonial Video Production 

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Conferences and live events are perfect venues to gather testimonials from subject experts

We wanted to capture nuances from each interview, like expressive hand gestures. So we chose a lens that enabled that detail. We also alternated the “looking space” between left and right of the lens, to ensure variety for the final edit.

Our application of tried and true interview techniques worked well. We also tried to maintain an easy-going, relaxed vibe on the set. A friendly smile and question about their city or town got them talking and dissipated any nervousness.

The big hotel that’s connected to the convention center was a perfect home base between interview sessions. We explored the city and tried some new restaurants. We combined a little bit of fun with our professional tasks.

The interviews went well. Our client was happy and relieved after the last one. We packed-up and checked-out. Our medical interviews were successful- and we had widened our range to Austin’s sister city to the south.

Video still of video interview set

Our drive back to Austin was a welcome final chapter to our road trip. San Antonio has a lot going on, especially at the gigantic convention center.

We like visiting and working there, as well as Dallas and Houston. Texas is a vibrant state for business. But it’s always good to get back home to Austin. 

We felt good about maintaining a professional standard for the medical web series. We’re proud of our role as reliable video producers for out-of-town clients

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