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Conference attendees watch the stage

Capturing content with professional conference video production

It’s well-known that summers are hot in our hometown of Austin, Texas. So it was a welcome relief to have a shoot in Denver, Colorado, in mid-September. 

The subject matter was cool as well. This conference was for a group of physicians and therapists who specialize in healing. Their clientele are people who have experienced serious trauma or depression. We were inspired by the mission of the group and the sincerity of the individual members. 

We had covered their first annual conference in Austin, so we knew many of the key people. And our first coverage scenario informed our approach to this second annual gathering. We definitely wanted to help this group forward their mission through professional videos.

Multi-camera conference video production

An initial ice-breaker social event got things rolling as the sun set over the mountains. We collaborated with our locally-based still photographer to get some group shots as well as “candids” of people making contact with their colleagues.  One of our smaller "action" video cameras worked well to showcase the action without attracting too much attention.

Conferences are a great opportunity for learning and networking. Professional video production captures the content for your YouTube channel for anyone who couldn't attend, and footage can be used to promote next year's conference!

Conference attendee video production

Creating videos of the keynotes, breakout sessions and more!

The next two days of serious conference coverage were made possible with assistance from the facility Audio/Visual staff for sound and lighting. Using multiple cameras, we followed the presenters, PowerPoint images, and audience cutaways. The transition from keynote address to the all-important Q&A sessions was seamless.

Promoting the event for next year was another priority. We looked for B-Roll illustrative footage opportunities and impromptu soundbites with our small camera. Coupled with the still photos, this is a fun edit job for us- a mini-documentary behind the scenes.

Bottom line: it all worked. The Austin-to-Denver direct flight, tried and true equipment combinations for the task at hand, communication with event organizers, and clear intent for all aspects of our video coverage made the entire enterprise a triumph.

We really oiled our conference coverage “hinges.” And each out-of-Texas experience makes us appreciate how our regular approach can be transferred across state lines. The cooler weather in Colorado was nice while it lasted, but we’re always glad to get back to Austin. The shoot was fun, and we met a lot of great people along the way.

Next year’s conference will be in another cool city. We can’t wait!

As we cut together the various elements, we’ll remember the important mission that this group is advancing. We’re glad to play our part as video producers. 

Every shoot is a new opportunity to help organizations promote their businesses, products and missions. We're proud to help our clients tell their stories through video.

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