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Give a peek "behind the scenes" and everyone learns.

Usually, we don't want people to view our messy, meandering processes. The "sausage-making" so to speak. We carefully curate our content, polish our message and keep the lessons we learned along the way very private indeed.

But we recently produced a series of webisodes for the Professional Convention Management Association and Austin Convention & Visitor's Bureau that aimed to do exactly the opposite. We pulled back the curtain on what it takes to plan and stage a MAJOR industry convention, so that everyone can up their game.  It was the ultimate convention and meetings group planning for the ultimate annual meeting!

These webisodes, released over many months, took the viewer along on the road to this big annual convention, and gave amazing insider tips on how to come up with new ideas, fresh content, and how to take advantage of the location of the meeting to delight event goers.

Webisode convention video series gives an inside out look at the meeting planning process.

Each of the six webisodes featured a combination of interviews, B-Roll, and lots of abstract graphic illustration. We put industry experts on-camera, and their sound-bites had to count. A two-camera approach for bridging together content worked well. Then, there we gathered illustrative B-Roll at the convention center and all around town to complete this this Austin convention video production. With a Steadicam and a second unit, we acquired actual meetings in a conference room and viewing spaces at the convention center. And we used every frame of footage. But some concepts are better represented and illustrated with motion graphics and screen text. 

In all, we got to work with a team of smart, creative people and helped them communicate their message to their target market. By "pulling back the curtain" on their own planning process, the web series helped other meeting planners spark new ideas.

Here's one webisode from the series, addressing how to Leverage the Convention Destination.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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