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Austin interview production company
Sep 27

Is this Mic Live? Compelling Interview Video Production

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Capturing interview videos to tell a story or drive an initiative

As Austin video producers, we get to meet a lot of interesting people from all walks of life. Sometimes we meet the actual movers and shakers in our awesome city. Such was the case for a recent project that had us moving around town to capture eleven compelling interview videos.

Many parts of the community, businesses and city government are working together to train and "up skill" the Austin area workforce in key areas: medical, IT, manufacturing, and skilled trades. As our city grows (and grows and grows), we'll need a skilled workforce to keep up with demand and fill these crucial "middle skill" jobs.

Use testimonial and interview videos to speak to the "heart" of the matter

For this interview video production project, we talked to Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt, the CEO of Workforce Solutions, the president of Goodwill Industries Central Texas, the president of Austin Community College, and many other community workforce training leaders as they come together for this initiative.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler Interview Video

Austin Mayor Steve Adler

Some of the interview spaces were big and enabled us to set up and light the scene like a TV interview. But some spaces were fairly cramped and we had to be minimalist in our approach to the scene.

The interview videos from each unique perspective were the most important element in telling the collective story. The same three questions yielded very different answers from our eleven on-camera subjects.

Our two-camera approach gave us an option of a medium shot or a close-up. The seamless cutting between soundbites crafted the overall message.

The collective initiative to educate, train, and place workers yielded three separate programs that featured the community leader testimonial videos. The final results were shown on the big screen at a local movie theater during a gala event celebrating the first year of the initiative.

Video is a perfect way to train your workforce and spread your mission to your stakeholders

Best results always come from a professional, but low-key vibe on-set. We accomplished that by getting to each location early and pre-lighting the scene. The subjects could sit down, get mic'ed up and GO. Our preparation made the process simple.

Austin interview video production

We captured first-hand what makes Austin great and how we are moving forward. It's a collective mindset with the Austin community and leaders all pulling in the same direction. In this case to help with unemployment and underemployment and lift people out of poverty through advanced training, building the workforce of tomorrow.

Interview video production in Austin, TX

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Austin Kickstarter Video Production
Jun 14

Kickstarter Video Production

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Pushing the Limits: Austin Kickstarter Video Production

Ever been in the back of the beyond or off the grid having an adventure and wished you could take a hot shower? We recently produced a Kickstarter video for a company who has solved that exact problem.

Need help with your Kickstarter video production? We'd be glad to help craft your message and "kick" it out for successful crowdsourced funding! 

Video production sometimes seems to make dreams possible. Such was the case with our recent fundraising video for a Kickstarter campaign. As Austin-based video producers, we are blessed to be in a vibrant community where many local entrepreneurs are in need of media support. It's our job to bring their vision to life for a product or idea. As usual, it all starts with the script. And, as usual, it takes time and effort to make the script RIGHT. What's on the page doesn't always work on the stage.

Use video to spread your mission and message to the masses!

We pushed the on-location envelope by setting up our teleprompter, cameras, equipment and crew OUTSIDE in the Austin summer heat. Working in bright sunlight is never easy, but it worked out splendidly. 

Our female on-camera talent wasn't a professional actress, but she had a lot of media experience and she nailed the content. Huge win for the client's gut instinct that she would be a great choice.

Austin Kickstarter Video

Coupled with shots of the product in use, the video tells the story of how the entrepreneur came up with the idea and how the product kicks the pants of competitors like cold "bucket" shower sprayers or wet wipes. And since the product is such a water saver, it is a natural for use in water stressed areas, after natural disasters and more.

Austin Kickstarter Video Production Company

With each edit version, the video got better. As the dream slowly morphed into reality, the Kickstarter campaign was ready to be kicked off! 

That's what we love about our profession as video producers. We meet passionate people with great ideas, and we push ourselves creatively. Every day is a new adventure. Click here to see the Kickstarter campaign.

We enjoyed this Kickstarter video production that really showed the unique vision of the entrepreneur and his team. Crowdfunding fundraising videos are a lot of fun to work on, and we were happy to craft an exacting message to help move the target market.

Austin Kickstarter Video Production

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Non-Profit Video Production
Apr 23

Ronald McDonald, Mattresses, and Volunteers

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Non-Profit Video Production 

What do you get when you couple CH Robinson, Tempur-Pedic, Ronald McDonald House and lots of enthusiastic volunteers, including local soldiers?

After installing the 5,000th Tempur-Pedic mattress donated in the U.S. to the Ronald McDonald House in Austin, TX, you get a good night's sleep for the parents of sick kids. And then you get a feel-good video showcasing the time and effort of all involved. This non-profit video production was a great project for all involved.

We spent the day putting our video production know-how to use for a very good cause. In fact, very time we do a video project for a good cause, we get out more than we put in!

We interviewed representatives from CH Robinson, Ronald McDonald House and Fort Hood. It was a big "hoorah" push from everyone, from the volunteers, to the local soldiers, corporate sponsors, patients, parents and more. 

And then the real Ronald McDonald even jumped in to help the soldiers complete the mission! We also discovered that Ronald McDonald stays in character, no matter what!

We enjoyed this non-profit video production that showcased the good works done on that day. After editing, he video showcased the outreach done by the client and and was shared with the local news media.

non-profit video production company

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Austin Video Production
Apr 23

Filming Outside “Austin City Limits”

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Filming outside "Austin City Limits"

We love working inside the Austin city limits- our regular flight path. As an Austin-based video production company, we are usually within a 100-mile radius. But sometimes, our radius expands.

It's not unusual to have shoots in Houston or Dallas or San Antonio. There have been some memorable trips to far West Texas. We've also produced videos in Las Vegas and California for Austin-based clients. We even did a shoot in Altoona, PA; we visited Gettysburg on our way back to DC.

This year, we have the opportunity to cover an international conference in Atlanta, Georgia. We covered the group's last conference in Austin. That's how we got to know each other.

Video production - On the road again...

Now we have the challenge of assembling the exact assortment of equipment we'll need to do the job. And then we need to pack it all for transport via the airline industry. In Austin, we have the luxury of throwing everything we might need into our production van. But on a trip like this, we have to really think it through. 

The location is also important. We will need to contact the Audio/Visual people and determine how we can work together and how they can help us. Then once the equipment dragon has been dispatched, our coverage instincts kick-in. The Q&A aspect of this conference is important. An overall audio feed is crucial.

We'll have two cameras covering presenters, PowerPoint details, and audience questions.  It's what we do. It's not difficult. But camera operation requires alertness. Since we will be editing each presentation, we will need to acquire title slides and cutaway shots. Cover the conference subject matter; cover ourselves for the edit.

This time, we will be acquiring interviews away from the conference. Lighting, microphones, and the right lens will be key.  We apply tried and true production techniques to our overall approach. 

Video editing - Back in the saddle...

The final chapter to our out of town adventure comes when we download the footage into our editing system. No one will ever know that it was transported across state lines!

Any extra zest or fun we get from experiencing a new place is secondary to the job at hand. But out-of-town working shoots keep us sharp. It pushes the envelope. 

Equipment, technique, and collaboration. It's a formula for success that's been honed by our video production experience. 

We're proud Austin townies, but it's good to expand our horizons outside our comfort zone, and our time zone...

austin video production companies

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Austin Post Production Polish
Feb 20

Adding Post Production Polish

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We'll fix it in post!

Post production really makes a project sing. A common phrase video and film producers are fond of saying is, "we'll fix it in post." That actually happens, even on small projects. In post production, we mask backgrounds, sweeten audio, remove noise, and key out green screens. You name it!

Post-production is the final step in the video production workflow, the equivalent of polishing a car, or say, a script. We enhance and improve audio quality, video quality, and tiny details.

During post production, we draft versions of preliminary edits for the client to review before the final approval. We determine content and running order in a collaborative effort with our clients.

Next, we add music, motion graphics, titles, and transitional effects to lift a production into the realm of magic. It is really amazing how a music bed and graphics can help even the most mundane subjects take flight.

After we complete the post production stage, the program is released out into the world. Whether via the internet, social media, broadcast TV, or other delivery mechanism, the "medium is the message."

As producers, we have to please ourselves. Because video production is an unending quest for excellence. As a result, seeing everything come together is gratifying and it makes producing videos fun.

Finally, post-production techniques continue to evolve since the days in Hollywood when editors would add "opticals" as special effects.

But the intent is the same. During post production, work to make every project as good as you can.

Editing all of the content and creating graphics and effects is like applying wax to a car or a table-top. Post-production makes everything shine!

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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Healthcare Video production Austin TX
Jan 27

Help is at hand: Healthcare video production

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Healthcare video production

Our clients always surprise us with the subject matter for the videos we produce. This self help healthcare video production was no different.

Maybe it's ancient cypress trees, or brain surgery, martial arts, or entomological societies (the study of bugs). We've done 'em all.

Now we can add "pelvic pain" to the list. We had the opportunity to make a physical therapy video program that demonstrated exercises for this all too common problem.

Two excellent and professional "PT's" (physical therapists) appeared on camera for some scripted parts and some action scenes on a therapy table.

They had a sense of humor, too. Their matter of fact explanations usually included an unusual approach, like an umbrella blocking various maladies. The animation and graphics were fun and engaging.

To give it the high tech look, we shot everything against a green screen, and keyed the background white in post-production.

It was fun to cover the activity with multiple camera angles, including one that featured an overhead view. Editing could be precise, with a close-up of the main action.

Medical video production

The selected model was well-cast. She brought just the right amount of seriousness and humor to each scene, as we showed how to perform each exercise.

Since the PT's wrote their own script, they had no trouble with their intros and outros via the tele-prompter.

After multiple revision cycles with tweaks and additions to the many illustrations, we had an easy-to-watch video program about how to deal with pelvic pain. Now what?

This was where our knowledge of the video industry paid off. In addition to,the traditional DVD distribution method, we suggested the Vimeo web site.

After payment, the web movie could be watched by the end user for a specified period of time. Our clients were thrilled. They had no idea it could be so easy to distribute their program. It's now working for them, and their clients, every day.

Multiple cameras, high tech look, smart and engaging presenters, and the right distribution medium- it all added up to a successful program that's really helping people.

Austin TX Healthcare video production

By applying our usual video production techniques, this video extends the reach of our physical therapist clients beyond Texas, to clients all over the world.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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Texas TV Commercial Production
Dec 05

As Seen on TV: TV Commercial Production

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TV Commercial Production

Austin TV commercial production

Ah yes, TV commercials. Before the Internet, before social media, even before cable, television advertising was how people brought attention to their product or service. Even though we now have other means of hitting our target market, TV commercial production remains a great way to advertise.

We recently had an opportunity to turn some amazing drone footage into a cohesive message for a coastal property near Corpus Christi, TX.. The Gulf Coast is a business juggernaut, combining land, sea, roads and rail in the robust Texas economy.

Producing a TV commercial to highlight an amazing piece of the Texas Gulf Coast​

The footage was effective in showcasing the potential for the perfectly located piece of land to be developed. Scripting and graphics would enhance the view and tell the story.

Hooking the target audience in the first few seconds is key. This was a fast, shotgun blast of production elements, graphics, footage, upbeat music to set the tone and voiceover.

The script evolved with drafts back and forth to the client. The amazing drone visuals speak for themselves; the VO and graphics filled-in the blanks on the potential for this amazing Texas Gulf Coast location.

Draft versions and minor revisions to the graphics tweaked the message into a tight 30 second informational package. Multiple VO takes finally yielded the right overall tone.

Texas TV commercial production

By applying our usual video production techniques, this piece of the Texas Gulf Coast now has a spotlight on it. We're proud to have crystallized our client’s vision with our commercial.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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Austin video production company
Jun 30

Austin, Texas Baby!

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Where We Live

As an Austin video company, the term "where we live" takes on two different meanings. Using technology creatively to tell a story is very much where we "live".  We also physically live in Austin, Texas: more on that later.

In video, pre-production is key

Even though we love the adventure and unexpected aspects of each production, we also try to limit or control the unexpected. Call it experience.

The value of scouting, or doing preliminary reconnaissance, is huge, even for small shoots. Knowing the technical details is “where we live.”

A recent Media Training video production benefitted greatly from our recon mission the day before the shoot. First, where would we shoot? Next, what was the client trying to accomplish? What is the space like? What gear do we need to facilitate the session successfully?

All of those questions were answered in a half hour at the location. Much of the anxiety and potential complexity was eliminated. Bottom line: we were ready, had the right equipment in place, utilized their existing set-up well, and accomplished the intent of the endeavor. As a result, it went very well, and it was fun.

Then,  a Greek chorus of media trainers, who had flown in specifically for this training, weighed-in effectively after each playback of the founder’s responses to typical media questions. During this phase, we even recorded their feedback. We hadn't expected to do that, but we were in position and ready for it when the opportunity appeared. 

video production companies Austin TX

We're proud to be an Austin video company...

The other aspect of “where we live” also raised its head during the media-training session. The founder/CEO had started the company in his apartment in California, but he LOVED AUSTIN. It sounded familiar, and we knew what he was talking about. We are proud of this Austin success story.

Our city of educated, creative talent has provided exactly the culture needed to grow the company beyond the wildest dreams of its founder. Austin attracts people from all over the country for it's positive energy. As an Austin video company, we like being part of that.

Most of all, providing that easy-going-but-effective support was our job for the day. We love our city, and we love using our video production skills  to apply our creative arts to the business world.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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Austin Overview Video
Jun 07

Every Ring Tells a Story

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Austin Overview Video

Every Ring Tells a Story

Each overview video production has some interesting facts and adventure connected to it. But some have a bit more than others.

A view inside the world of reclaimed and sinker woods turned out to be fun and fascinating. It was for a wonderful client east of Austin in Manor, Krantz Recovered Woods. They specialize in salvaging virgin growth wood, from old buildings, warehouses, barns, etc., and turning it into amazing products ready for flooring, beams, trim and one of a kind furniture pieces.

Wood from before the Roman Empire, buried in the swamps of Louisiana

overview video production

Still of animation from an Austin overview video for Ancient Buried Cypress wood.

They had salvaged 14 truly ancient cypress trees, some that pre-dated the Roman Empire! But how to market this ancient wood....the oldest for sale in the world?

​Overview video to market rare wood

We collaborated with the knowledgeable owner on the scripts, for both an overview video and the video for the amazing ancient buried cypress.

But how to REALLY SHOW IT? Drone videography seemed to be the right tool at the right time for the right view of the huge wood stacks. As the device swooped up and over the ancient woods, we couldn't help but be reminded of the famous scene in the movie, "2001," the cut from a bone in the air to a spaceship...the advance of technology.

There was no need for any sort of teleprompter device for the owner's on-camera parts. He knew what to say. We shaped the ever-evolving script around his on-point soundbites.

Every type of video production tool was used: animation of how the buried cypress came to be lodged in a Louisiana swamp, vintage still photos, iPhone video from the actual excavation, graphics, the drone videography, and our normal B-Roll coverage.

Once we had locked the script, we searched and found just the right voice for the narration. And after some feedback, the final tweaks produced two videos that represent this beautiful natural product from Mother Nature.

We knew next to nothing about rare woods when we embarked on our latest video adventure. But now we appreciate it after our immersion into that world.

Our video production expertise, in collaboration with our client's expertise and enthusiasm about rare woods, yielded a final product that represents us both.

Krantz overview video

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Austin Convention Video Production
May 31

Give a Peek Behind the Scenes

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Give a peek "behind the scenes" and everyone learns.

Usually, we don't want people to view our messy, meandering processes. The "sausage-making" so to speak. We carefully curate our content, polish our message and keep the lessons we learned along the way very private indeed.

But we recently produced a series of webisodes for the Professional Convention Management Association and Austin Convention & Visitor's Bureau that aimed to do exactly the opposite. We pulled back the curtain on what it takes to plan and stage a MAJOR industry convention, so that everyone can up their game.  It was the ultimate convention and meetings group planning for the ultimate annual meeting!

These webisodes, released over many months, took the viewer along on the road to this big annual convention, and gave amazing insider tips on how to come up with new ideas, fresh content, and how to take advantage of the location of the meeting to delight event goers.

Webisode convention video series gives an inside out look at the meeting planning process.

Each of the six webisodes featured a combination of interviews, B-Roll, and lots of abstract graphic illustration. We put industry experts on-camera, and their sound-bites had to count. A two-camera approach for bridging together content worked well. Then, there we gathered illustrative B-Roll at the convention center and all around town to complete this this Austin convention video production. With a Steadicam and a second unit, we acquired actual meetings in a conference room and viewing spaces at the convention center. And we used every frame of footage. But some concepts are better represented and illustrated with motion graphics and screen text. 

In all, we got to work with a team of smart, creative people and helped them communicate their message to their target market. By "pulling back the curtain" on their own planning process, the web series helped other meeting planners spark new ideas.

Here's one webisode from the series, addressing how to Leverage the Convention Destination.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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Austin Video Editing
May 12

Video Editing for Short Attention Spans

Video , Video thoughts

We can get that down to one minute...right?

In today's go-go no time world, it seems that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Our clients now often ask us to boil down hours of video into short, succinct video blasts. Training videos that used to be 30 minutes? Now we need them to be 10. 5 minute videos are now 2 minute videos. We ALL have do more with less time!

It's no secret that lawyers like to talk. They're paid very well to do it. Our recent challenge in working with a national association of  justice-seekers was to streamline their interview sound-bites into a coherent five-minute message.

The two-camera approach worked well for bridging comments. It enabled us to cut for content AND for dramatic emphasis. But even experienced legal counsellors can get nervous and try too hard when talking to their peers. Part of our job was putting them at ease. We could usually connect by asking about their city or state. They're always proud of something there, no matter where it is. That's part of the low-key approach to interview tone-setting.

Editing content down, and down and down...

After gathering hours of issue-related wisdom, the editing room became a brutal exercise in separating wheat from chaff.

Only the best 1 per cent could make it into the final piece. Three themes emerged: money-giving, political clout, and networking.

We grouped the sound-bites together according to theme, saving the best and most dramatic one for the close: "For 50 years it's been the heart of my practice, but also the backbone." Cha-Ching. We know a good sound-bite when we hear it. The fact that it was delivered with a knowing, New Orleans Cajun twang just added to the effect.

We dressed up the best 1-per cent with a bookend open and close, featuring music and the organization's logo. The disparate comments became a program.

Our editing instincts got sharpened into a fine, surgical instrument. We found the message in the mountain of interview answers.

Michelangelo found his statue of David in a rejected piece of marble. Sometimes that approach works in the world of video production, too. You release the artwork from the marble that surrounds it. Whittling down the marble to find the masterpiece!

Video Editing Company

By David Gaya (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

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fundraising videos
Dec 14

Fundraising Videos Work!

Video , Video examples

Sometimes greatness is thrust upon us, when our video production skills actually serve a noble purpose. Such was the case when we were asked to produce a fundraising video to help raise money to expand the undergraduate computer lab for UT's Astronomy department.

We scouted the location and it was immediately apparent that the expansion was sorely needed. The students were packed together in a small, noisy space. Our quest was set. Use our great story-telling techniques to dramatize this bottleneck towards the pursuit of higher education.

Fundraising videos tell a story with a purpose

The fundraising video has really become an important tool today. With sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo now well known, we've produced several videos in the past for worthwhile causes. This particular video would be online and also shown to potential money donors to raise money to double the space allotted to the lab.

First, we interviewed students and educators who had unique insights into the computer lab situation. Having the interview scenes overlooking the lab would be the perfect combination of elements. But how to do it? By placing the on-camera subjects up against the lab's window, seated on high stools borrowed from a chemistry lab, and elevating the camera to look down on the computer lab we had the proper scenario. Our interviewer was mostly hidden in the shadows behind the camera, but it looked right on-screen.

Austin fundraising video interview

Now to acquire the real stuff. What the French call "la reason d'entre" (the reason to act). The too-crowded lab in full cry. Oh, the humanity...After acquiring interviews all morning, a large group of students had volunteered to be cast as extras playing themselves. They knew why we were there. They eagerly cooperated. Shooting the illustrative "B-Roll" footage was a dream. The camera could weave in and out and between the students. They interacted. They took direction. They pointed on cue. They "hooked-em." It was glorious. And fun to shoot.

There was no need for scripted narration. The interviews provided plenty of appropriate commentary. As usual, we had more than enough cover footage. The editing process was quick and easy, with our producer calling out just the right shot.

As video producers based in Austin, Texas, it doesn't get much better than this. The university folks loved the final product, which turned out quite heart warming. We felt good about working with a purpose, for a cause. For us, each day in the life of a video producer is different. But some days are really special, when it all comes together.

Some days it's like falling downhill. We're happy to please the clients, but we are REALLY happy when we please ourselves, too. And raise money for a very worthy cause.


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