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Pushing the Limits: Austin Kickstarter Video Production

Ever been in the back of the beyond or off the grid having an adventure and wished you could take a hot shower? We recently produced a Kickstarter video for a company who has solved that exact problem.

Need help with your Kickstarter video production? We'd be glad to help craft your message and "kick" it out for successful crowdsourced funding! 

Video production sometimes seems to make dreams possible. Such was the case with our recent fundraising video for a Kickstarter campaign. As Austin-based video producers, we are blessed to be in a vibrant community where many local entrepreneurs are in need of media support. It's our job to bring their vision to life for a product or idea. As usual, it all starts with the script. And, as usual, it takes time and effort to make the script RIGHT. What's on the page doesn't always work on the stage.

Use video to spread your mission and message to the masses!

We pushed the on-location envelope by setting up our teleprompter, cameras, equipment and crew OUTSIDE in the Austin summer heat. Working in bright sunlight is never easy, but it worked out splendidly. 

Our female on-camera talent wasn't a professional actress, but she had a lot of media experience and she nailed the content. Huge win for the client's gut instinct that she would be a great choice.

Austin Kickstarter Video

Coupled with shots of the product in use, the video tells the story of how the entrepreneur came up with the idea and how the product kicks the pants of competitors like cold "bucket" shower sprayers or wet wipes. And since the product is such a water saver, it is a natural for use in water stressed areas, after natural disasters and more.

Austin Kickstarter Video Production Company

With each edit version, the video got better. As the dream slowly morphed into reality, the Kickstarter campaign was ready to be kicked off! 

That's what we love about our profession as video producers. We meet passionate people with great ideas, and we push ourselves creatively. Every day is a new adventure. Click here to see the Kickstarter campaign.

We enjoyed this Kickstarter video production that really showed the unique vision of the entrepreneur and his team. Crowdfunding fundraising videos are a lot of fun to work on, and we were happy to craft an exacting message to help move the target market.

Austin Kickstarter Video Production

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