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Gear, gear, gear, gear…

Video thoughts

National Association of Broadcasters

Each year we look forward to “NAB.”

This is the world’s largest concentration of video equipment manufacturers and suppliers at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas each spring. All of the “gear” manufacturers are out in full-force, trying to tempt us with their latest and greatest offerings. We tend to stumble from one amazing new piece of “shiny” to another.

Independent Media Productions, Inc. provides video production services for Austin and a nation-wide clientele. Our Sony HD cameras work well in acquiring high-end professional footage across a variety of platforms.

This year we are taking a hard look at the newest Sony 4K camera as a great addition to our location acquisition mix.

We love Cartoni tripods, and we always stop by their booth to say hello. They usually want to give us a refresher course in balancing the camera properly and we let them!

Our editing systems have all sorts of green-screen and special effects options demonstrated by industry pros that make it all look so easy. We always pick up the latest tips and tricks by watching in-booth demonstrations.

The show is so large that it’s overwhelming. But it does provide an insight into the ever-changing industry of video production.

NAB provides us with a world view of video production and how it is utilized to benefit a diversity of corporate, broadcast and non-profit clients.

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