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Video Production in Austin TX

Video production in Austin, TX

Marketing new and existing products makes up a lot of our Austin video production business. We've worked with startups, entrepreneurs and established companies over the years to come up with creative ways to reach their target markets. From Kickstarter videos to step-by-step product explainer videos, corporate overviews to testimonial-driven stories, we've crafted productions for every type of product and company!

Reach your target market through creative video production

As a video production company in Austin, TX, we never know what our great city of entrepreneurs is going to invent next. We had a fun afternoon recently showcasing a genius solution to a common problem.

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

We've all heard that adage, and it's true. Many great ideas spring forth because the world NEEDS something. Like the wheel. Or smartphones. Or something that keeps critters out of your trash.

This entrepreneur has designed an ingenious device to keep animals out of trash cans that still allowed standard garbage trucks to pickup and empty the cans. Genius! 

After collaborating with our client and streamlining the script, and reading it out loud for timing and exact wording, we set up a studio scene for the on-camera pitch and demonstration.

Video Production Austin TX

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The first run-through was a little nervous, but full of energy and passion for the new product. Take one was upbeat and energetic. Take two was more matter-of-fact. Between the two, we edited an effective basic track for the on-camera narration. Then we read off-camera while our inventor/client did the actual step-by-step demonstration. There were a few funny out-takes. (There always are.)  We shot nice "beauty shots" of the simple product details.

Post production brings it all together

Editing combined live demonstration video of the product in use with cool 3D animation of the product in action, stock photos and the studio demonstration footage. Two music pieces set just the right tone, and a few screen text details enhanced the message. 

In three minutes, our on-camera inventor explains the problem, demonstrates the solution, and then asks the viewers to visit the web site. All of the elements work together. Our video production techniques produced an effective product demonstration with high-quality production values.

Taking a problem and offering an ingenious solution is at the heart of every great product. This entrepreneur has solved the messy problem of litter in a very elegant way. We enjoyed working with the team to really show the benefits of the product.

Video production is a perfect way to reach your target market and educate them on your product's key features. Here are some tips:

  • If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage. Scripting is crucial to deliver your message. Today's video audiences have short attention spans. Edit, edit, edit. And then practice speaking the script out loud. You'll hear clunky phrasing easier that way. 
  • Graphics tell a story faster than words. Add graphics, illustration and text to the mix to get your point across. Animations and motion graphics help keep your audience interested and entertained.
  • Once we get into video post production, hard choices need to be made. Don't be afraid to cut any repetition and tighten the video to its essence. Your pitch will stand out on its own without a lot of filler!
  • End with a good call to action, be that a website link, plea for Kickstarter backing, phone number or request to follow on social media!

Marketing and product video productions can educate and excite your users about your product's features and benefits. We'd love to help you promote your product or service!

Video Production Austin Texas style

Telling a story: Video Production in Austin, TX

3D animation helps demonstrate the video

Every company needs fresh videos for their websites and social media channels that really connect with end users. Whether you are promoting a product, service, or brand, video production just plain works to reach your target market. 

Video Production in Austin TX

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