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Ah yes. Those smart entrepreneurs. Changing the world with their new ideas. 

As Austin, Texas based video producers, we meet our fair share of them. Such was the case for a pretty epic recent green screen shoot. This video production was well scripted, with heavy use of the teleprompter. Our standard two-camera approach enables us to do pick-ups for flubbed lines and keep going. 

The product is a nationally marketed unique dietary supplement with cutting edge ingredients that improves mental clarity and focus while fighting fatigue. The target markets are busy moms, stressed college students, business professionals, entrepreneurs and more. I mean, who doesn't need better focus and clarity?

Social media video production is a perfect way to reach your target market and educate them on your product's key features. Here are some tips:

  • Scripting is key!  Hone your message. Read the script out loud! The way we speak "on the page" and in real life are very different! Your ear will hear awkward phrasing that your eye misses. And then practice. practice. practice your delivery..
  • Include illustrations, animations, and text call outs to support the script. Images can often get information across quicker than spoken words.
  • Editing is key! Once you view the video, don't be afraid to make cuts. The attention span of today's viewer is (sadly) fairly short. Tighten up any repetition.
  • Call to action. Wrap up with a good call to action, whether that be website links, phone numbers, or other forms of contact.

The shoot went well and we had several takes of the evolving message. In post-production, we added illustrative images, b-roll and screen graphics to dramatize the usage of the product.

The end result is a series of finely tuned messages for each of the target audiences. With our positive feedback, our non-professional on-camera talents got better with each take. By the end of the shoot, they were really having fun.

Performance, image, words, and tone - it all has to work together. When it does, it's magic. 
These videos will be used on the company's website and in their social media channels to connect to their audience and drive sales.

We enjoyed working with our smart, Austin-based entrepreneurs. Once again, we applied our skills to the task at hand and produced an effective end result. And we are proud to say that we used the product as we were editing- AND IT WORKS!

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Every company needs fresh videos for their websites and social media channels that really connect with end users. Whether you are promoting a product, service, or brand, social media video production just plain works to reach your target market. 

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