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Video Production Austin Texas

Independent Media Productions is an award-winning video production Austin Texas firm with over twenty years of experience in the industry. With services in corporate, non-profit, educational, testimonial and training video production, we have the industry experience you’re looking for. We’ve also worked with clients around the state, country and world.

Corporate Video Production Services

Whether you’re wanting to improve your recruitment strategy or tell the story of your company’s culture, corporate videos are a great way to achieve your organization’s goals. We can help you strategize the best way to craft compelling video to convert viewers into customers. Feature key employees, client interviews or product demonstrations to build brand loyalty. With years of experience shooting volunteer and non-professional actors on camera, we can make anyone feel at ease. But for extensive on-camera dialogue, we can also bring along teleprompters to assist in script delivery.

The team at Independent Media can also help you discern what kind of video style your company needs. We can create tutorial and product explainer videos to assist in employee training programs. Or maybe you’d rather craft compelling employee and customer testimonial videos to provide insight into your company’s culture. We can also provide coverage of corporate events you can use to help market your conference or seminar for next year.

Post your finished project on your company website, share on social media, and present it at trade shows to increase your reach to your target audience.

video production Austin Texas

Non-Profit Video Production

For non-profit organizations, it can be crucial to capture genuine customer testimonials, interviews and captivating B-roll to highlight your initiative and tell your story. And during post production, we can assist in polishing your message to best convey your mission. We can add opening and closing titles, key in graphics with important information, and set the mood with appropriate music. We’ve helped craft professional videos for non-profits for over a decade and know how to best present your organization. Share on social media or send your video to news stations to spread your message and bolster your fundraising efforts.

Educational Videos

Video has increasingly become one of the most effective media tools for educational and training purposes in our digital world. Unlike in-person instructors, viewers can re-watch videos multiple times and during all hours of the day. Well-produced videos touch on all the important points, can be standardized for large groups of people, and can take some of the stress off your support lines. Train employees, customers or students through quality educational videos.

Other services

Independent Media also covers web, green screen, manufacturing, marketing and event video production. Our video production Austin Texas firm has years of experience in the industry. We’re confident in our ability to create a video to accommodate any project.

For full service video production services in Austin Texas and beyond, contact the experts at Independent Media Productions today.

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