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Healthcare Video production Austin TX

Healthcare video production

Our clients always surprise us with the subject matter for the videos we produce. This self help healthcare video production was no different.

Maybe it's ancient cypress trees, or brain surgery, martial arts, or entomological societies (the study of bugs). We've done 'em all.

Now we can add "pelvic pain" to the list. We had the opportunity to make a physical therapy video program that demonstrated exercises for this all too common problem.

Two excellent and professional "PT's" (physical therapists) appeared on camera for some scripted parts and some action scenes on a therapy table.

They had a sense of humor, too. Their matter of fact explanations usually included an unusual approach, like an umbrella blocking various maladies. The animation and graphics were fun and engaging.

To give it the high tech look, we shot everything against a green screen, and keyed the background white in post-production.

It was fun to cover the activity with multiple camera angles, including one that featured an overhead view. Editing could be precise, with a close-up of the main action.

Healthcare video production

The selected model was well-cast. She brought just the right amount of seriousness and humor to each scene, as we showed how to perform each exercise.

Since the PT's wrote their own script, they had no trouble with their intros and outros via the tele-prompter.

After multiple revision cycles with tweaks and additions to the many illustrations, we had an easy-to-watch video program about how to deal with pelvic pain. Now what?

This was where our knowledge of the video industry paid off. In addition to,the traditional DVD distribution method, we suggested the Vimeo web site.

After payment, the web movie could be watched by the end user for a specified period of time. Our clients were thrilled. They had no idea it could be so easy to distribute their program. It's now working for them, and their clients, every day.

Multiple cameras, high tech look, smart and engaging presenters, and the right distribution medium- it all added up to a successful program that's really helping people.

Austin TX Healthcare video production

By applying our usual video production techniques, this video extends the reach of our physical therapist clients beyond Texas, to clients all over the world.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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