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We'll fix it in post!

Post production really makes a project sing. A common phrase video and film producers are fond of saying is, "we'll fix it in post." That actually happens, even on small projects. In post production, we mask backgrounds, sweeten audio, remove noise, and key out green screens. You name it!

Post-production is the final step in the video production workflow, the equivalent of polishing a car, or say, a script. We enhance and improve audio quality, video quality, and tiny details.

During post production, we draft versions of preliminary edits for the client to review before the final approval. We determine content and running order in a collaborative effort with our clients.

Next, we add music, motion graphics, titles, and transitional effects to lift a production into the realm of magic. It is really amazing how a music bed and graphics can help even the most mundane subjects take flight.

After we complete the post production stage, the program is released out into the world. Whether via the internet, social media, broadcast TV, or other delivery mechanism, the "medium is the message."

As producers, we have to please ourselves. Because video production is an unending quest for excellence. As a result, seeing everything come together is gratifying and it makes producing videos fun.

Finally, post-production techniques continue to evolve since the days in Hollywood when editors would add "opticals" as special effects.

But the intent is the same. During post production, work to make every project as good as you can.

Editing all of the content and creating graphics and effects is like applying wax to a car or a table-top. Post-production makes everything shine!

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