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Non-Profit Video Production

Austin Non-Profit Video Production

Often non-profits and associations need us to capture customer testimonials, employee interviews, capture conference proceedings, and location B-roll to produce a video that highlights an initiative, tells a story, raises funds, and many other goals. Videos can be released via social media and YouTube, website or even sent to news outlets. Get a quote for your upcoming non profit video production, we'd be pleased to help you make it a success!

non-profit video production

What type of non-profit or association video do you need?

We can work with you to plan and execute your video, from scriptwriting to location shooting, to the final editing. Event videos are often a need for non profit organizations, be it an annual conference, fundraising event, or yearly seminars. We've helped many organizations forward their mission through high quality, professional videos! 

Non Profit video production services

Multiple cameras can be used to add interest to non-profit and association videos.  The final video will represent your organization in a professional way. Illustrative shots can be incorporated throughout the production to show detail. Graphics outline key thoughts and review other important points. Opening and closing titles and music set the mood for the program.

Our team has been working with non-profit organizations and associations in Austin Texas and around the country for more than a decade. Independent Media Productions is well known by associations across the country for their video production expertise, and we often travel to cover conferences and meetings for our clients.

​It is always a pleasure for our team to work with organizations that are making a positive impact on our community, our state, and our nation. Working with nonprofit organizations is always very rewarding.

Marketing promo video

Non-profit video production example - Successful school program

An award-winning school, dedicated teachers, and wonderful kids make this non-profit video for a renowned foundation a success.

Marketing promo video

Non-profit video production example - Testimonials

A gathering of like-mined people with a common purpose offers a rare opportunity to tell a collective story for this non-profit. A series of questions elicit a variety of answers and insights. It's exciting to get on that wavelength to produce a heart-felt program that offers different perspectives from experts and affected individuals. It's human-to-human communication at its most effective.

What People Are Saying

V. Younger

Children's Tumor Foundation

Independent Media recorded video at our annual scientific conference in Austin, Texas, and we are extremely impressed with their outstanding work and professionalism. They are experienced video professionals with knowledge, quality equipment, creativity, and vision. Their edit of four days of difficult scientific presentations shows an understanding and attention to detail that is above and beyond what we ever expected from a video production company.

F. Turner

Seedling Foundation

Independent Media is awesome! Independent Media Productions helped our small non-profit plan and edit a training video. They were patient with the amateurs, professional while friendly, completely at home with all needs and requests, and always responsive to our timeline. We could not have asked for more.

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We have years of experience producing videos for non-profits and associations. From fundraising initiatives to spotlighting volunteers, and covering annual conferences, we will work with you to bring your non profit video project to life.

  • Full pre production, production and post production support
  • Multi-camera location videography
  • Scriptwriting, teleprompter services for long scripts
  • Professional voiceover as needed
  • Video editing, graphics creation
  • Location scouting, hiring actors, erecting sets
  • Add your logo and titles and illustrative graphics
  • Encoding final videos into web ready formats
    Austin non-profit video production

    8 reasons to hire Independent Media Productions for your non-profit video production

    Not all Austin video companies are created equally. For over 20 years, we have produced association and non-profit videos in close collaboration with our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering great service at affordable rates, with fair and accurate billing. Our job is to make your non-profit video look good!

    1. Maximize your project budget. We work with you to get more production value for the money.
    2. Quick turnaround. We know you have deadlines, and we turnaround projects quickly.
    3. Complete the mission! We never show up unprepared, lacking the correct equipment, or without knowing exactly what your end goals are.
    4. No bait and switch. We won't deploy a rep to "sell" you on a production, then get students or interns to complete the job.
    5. No surprise billing. We won't quote artificially low prices to get the job and then inflate costs at the end of the production.
    6. You're the boss! We are organized, professional, and respectful of the demands on your time.
    7. Creative talent. We provide the right crew, gear, and experience to ensure a compelling video that meets your goals.
    8. Expert help. With 20+ years as a full service non-profit video production company, we'll help you deliver your mission.

    Why We're Different

    Austin video - Our approach


    Need help planning your project and finding that creative 'spark' for your upcoming video? We can help walk you through the process.

    When a client contacts us, we discuss their goals at length, and then develop a step by step timetable for completion.

    We’ll get to know you and your company, discuss and agree on our end goal, develop a timeline, then make it happen with top-notch talent.

    Diverse video productions in Austin.


    From small associations to those with national reach, large foundations to niche initiatives, we're proud to help non-profits deliver their mission.

    We've produced pretty much every imaginable type of non-profit and association video, and have the stories to prove it!

    With over 20 years of non-profit, corporate and broadcast experience, we approach any type of video project with the experience and talent needed to produce the highest quality possible.

    Meeting your video production goals


    We deliver turnkey video productions to our non-profit clients and their stakeholders, on time and in budget.

    We collaborate with our clients to produce creative work that stands out in a field that's crowded with competing messages..

    We start off every non-profit video production with a two-way conversation to find the most creative way to meet your non-profit or association video goals.

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