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Austin Training Video Production

Unlike in-person meetings, a video can travel for you and be viewed again and again. Make your technical manual "come to life", and reduce the number of calls to your tech support lines!  Let us help you concept and write the script for your next project!

Austin training video production

What type of training video do you need?

Section titles and music are used to tie the production together. Illustrative shots are incorporated throughout the production to show detail. Graphics outline key thoughts and review other important points. Opening and closing titles and music set the mood for the program.

Multiple cameras can be used to add interest to training videos.  The final video will represent your company or organization in a professional way.

Video has become one of the most effective media for training in our modern digital world. Good training videos do not forget to communicate an important point, or have off days and need to re-schedule. The best concepts can be standardized for large groups of people, and by reducing repetition the savings can be immense. 

Video training is a powerful tool. We can help your company produce the highest quality media available that communicates your message clearly, in budget and on time. 

Training video example

Training is a need for many organizations, be it product or service training, job training, procedure training, etc. We're experts in scripting, shooting and producing detailed training programs.

This medical training video is a step by step guide to using the client's product.

What People Are Saying


AANP Education Department enjoyed working with Independent Media from the information gathering stage through to the final product! Steve made us feel comfortable with their experience in doing what we wanted. Stacy and Bill expertly kept our recording moving with little touches that made a big difference in the final product. This was our first time to use a production studio for an educational program and we are nothing but pleased with the whole experience. I am sure we will be calling on them again in the future.

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We have years of experience producing training videos. From classroom style presentations to step by step technical training, we will work to bring your training video project to life.

  • Full pre production, production and post production support
  • Multi-camera location videography
  • Scriptwriting
  • Professional voiceover to deliver your training script
  • Video editing, inserting Powerpoint slides into video
  • Location scouting
  • Add your logo and titles, DVD authoring
  • Encoding final videos into web ready formats
    Austin training video production

    8 Reasons To Hire Us

    Not all Austin video companies are created equally. For over 20 years, we have produced training videos in close collaboration with our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering great service at affordable rates, with fair and accurate billing. Our job is to make your training video look good!

    1. ​We work to maximize your budget, giving you more production value "bang for the buck."
    2. ​We turnaround projects quickly, meeting your deadlines.
    3. ​We never show up unprepared, lacking the right gear, or without knowing exactly what we need to accomplish.
    4. ​We won't send a rep to "sell" you on a project, then get interns to finish the job.
    5. ​We don't quote artificially low prices to get the project and then inflate costs at the end of the production.
    6. ​We are organized, professional, respectful of the demands on your time.
    7. ​We provide the appropriate crew, correct gear, and experience to ensure a compelling end product that meets your goals.
    8. With 20+ years as a full service video production company, we have the expertise to produce your training video.

    Why We're Different

    Austin video - Our approach


    Need help planning your training video project and finding that creative 'spark'? We can help walk you through the process.

    When a client contacts us, we discuss their goals at length, and then develop a step by step timetable.

    We’ll get to know you and your company, discuss and agree on our end goal, develop a timeline, then make it happen with top-notch crews.

    Diverse video productions in Austin.


    With over 20 years of corporate, non-profit and broadcast experience, we approach any type of training video project with the experience and talent needed to produce the highest quality possible.

    We've produced pretty much every imaginable type of training video imaginable, and have the stories to prove it!

    From high-tech startups to hardware giants, small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, we can tailor a production to fit the needs of any client.

    Meeting your video production goals


    We deliver turnkey training video productions to our clients and their target markets, on time and in budget.

    We collaborate with our clients to produce creative work that stands out in a crowd.

    We start off every training video production with a two-way conversation to find the most creative way to meet your training video goals.

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