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Austin video production

New year, fresh video content needed!

Video thoughts

A new year, and a new to-do list. We often get calls from companies that need a new video production…yesterday! It seems like video is on everyone’s list of “things-we-need-to-update,” or “things-we-need-to-pay-more-attention to.”

Maybe you have a video produced years ago that is out of date. Or something that was produced in house that isn’t quite up to brand standards.

Bottom line, the start of a new year is a good opportunity to set goals for your business. And video is a hard-working part of the marketing mix.

Video reaches people with more “stickiness” than other mediums. And videos can live on: on your website, in your social media channels, and more. Video use on the internet has exploded, and keeping your content fresh, relevant and engaging is key.

Worldwide, 75% of the people have access to a mobile phone; 59% of mobile device users prefer watching video over reading text.

Potential customers who view videos are 64% more likely to buy products or services. Video production makes web site stand out, since 70% of the top 100 search listings include web movies and video.

Check that video production off your to-do list

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healthcare video production

Video helps tell your story

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Healthcare video production

We've produced videos for many medical and healthcare oriented clients, from healthcare conferences to medical procedure videos, medical device training videos, physical therapy training videos, and more. 

This healthcare video production is for a company that is changing the way medical care is delivered. This video helps tell the story of how concierge healthcare will change people's lives.

Actors and enthusiastic volunteers helped make this healthcare video production a great success. We shot on location and included professional dolly moves to enhance the storytelling. All of our young "actors" really did great, and we were proud to work with them. Our adult volunteers worked hard to deliver the script for this healthcare video for a disruptive healthcare services company.

Client testimonial

But don't take it from's a review from the pleased client.

"WhiteGlove Health is so proud of the work Independent Media were able to provide. They went well beyond the call of duty to help us make our vision a reality, even helping us with a location to shoot. It was a pleasure working with Independent Media, and will definitely be calling them again for future projects."

Heathcare video example

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Testimonial video production

“Little Orange Book” testimonial video production

Video examples

Need tips on facilitating excellent classroom learning? Ask an experienced educator.


When experienced, passionate educators pool their knowledge, you get a wonderful book about teaching, “The Little Orange Book, Short Lessons in Excellent Teaching” published by the University of Texas Press. This book passes down expert teaching tips and thoughtful reflections on classroom learning from seventeen members of the University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

Testimonial video production

When you train your camera on these University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers, you get a heartfelt testimonial video to promote the value of passing on teaching tips to younger educators. We enjoyed working with these educators to capture a “little” of their wisdom in this testimonial video production. We shot this in one day on the UT campus, and the editing was done very quickly in time for their marketing deadlines.

testimonial video production

Short Lessons in Excellent Teaching. By The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers

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Corporate Video Production

Corporate video – Why do you get out of bed?

Video examples

Corporate video production

Making software that helps non-profits achieve their goals is rewarding in every way. In this short brand corporate video production, the employees of this software company tell us “why they get out of bed in the morning.”

We had a great time helping this company tell their story, with employee testimonials that really resonate. Dolly moves and green screen helped transform this austin video production into a compelling story for their target market.

Whether you are a large company, non-profit, or small business, using video as a sales and communication tool is a great way to connect with your target market. The opportunities for using video effectively are vast, and we’d be happy to help brainstorm with you on effective ways to promote your company through video. Let us be your one-stop shop for video production services.

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A video production spectacular!

Video thoughts

It’s that time of the year for “NAB.” After surviving SXSW each year, we quickly turn our attention to this enormous trade show.

In Las Vegas each spring, acres upon acres of the top video equipment manufacturers and suppliers peddle their wares at the convention center. There are always many tempting new cameras, lights and other tools to look at to add to our gear package, and tons of opportunities for continuing education.

Last year we had a great time at some off-site vendor events, including the zany SuperMeet. Here, vendors demonstrated their super-cool hardware and software offerings, and a huge raffle gave away thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

We always learn a lot of the latest tips and tricks by watching in-booth demonstrations, and the show is inspiring to see how the entire industry continues to evolve. From movies, to news, to corporate video production, the tools and techniques are always evolving.

The show is BIG, and can be overwhelming. But NAB always gives us fresh ideas about video production that we can use for to help our clients.

multimedia production
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Otto Struve telescope at UT McDonald Observatory

McDonald Observatory Video: Celebrating 75 Years of Star Watching

Video thoughts

William Johnson McDonald, a banker from Paris, Texas, left most of his fortune to the University of Texas at Austin. His dream was that it be used to build a world-class observatory, and that’s just what happened. Dedicated on May 5, 1939, the observatory turns 75 years old this year. It is an amazing place, located in the Davis Mountains in West Texas, one of the darkest places in the U.S.

McDonald Observatory Video Production

We were honored to be called upon to produce a new over McDonald Observatory video overview, coinciding with the big anniversary. We had produced earlier overview videos that played in the Visitor’s Center and Hobby Ebberly telescope. Now it was time to tell a new story about the “brain motor” that is the McDonald Observatory. We spent several days gathering footage at the Observatory, getting to go “behind the scenes” at the three big telescopes on the mountains with our executive producer, Damond Benningfield. Incorporating new interviews with astronomers and professors, plus wonderful animations and illustrations from NASA and other sources, the new video 21st Century ‘Brain Motor’ will play in the Visitor’s Center and educate visitors to the Observatory about the history and mission of the facility for years to come.

If you have a chance to get to the Observatory and attend a lecture or star party, you won’t be disappointed. Nothing quite prepares you for how dark the sky is and how bright the stars are. The Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin is also featuring an exhibit from May 1-June 29. A model of the Otto Struve telescope will be on display. Other events to celebrate the anniversary are planned throughout the state. Check the McDonald Observatory website to find out more.

Happy Birthday McDonald Observatory!


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SXSW video

SXSW: music, video and social change in Austin

Video examples

Well, another SXSW has come and gone here in Austin, TX. We saw some great movies at the film festival and caught some music around town. Everywhere you turned there were locals and out of towners alike enjoying the spring weather and free day parties.

Every year we help out of town clients like Intuit, American Express, Rykodisc, and others capture their involvement at SXSW with Austin video production. This year we provided professional video coverage of a panel presentation discussing How Technology Fuels Social Change. Featuring Jill Iscol, Author of “Hearts on Fire: Stories of Today’s Visionaries Igniting Idealism into Action,” as well as Leila Janah of Samasource and Josh Nesbit of Medic Mobile.

The discussion was very interesting and explored how the latest technologies, such as crowdsourcing, can be used to combat global poverty.

Interested? Find out more about Jill Iscol’s book.

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National Association of Broadcasters

Gear, gear, gear, gear…

Video thoughts

Each year we look forward to “NAB.”

This is the world’s largest concentration of video equipment manufacturers and suppliers at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas each spring. All of the “gear” manufacturers are out in full-force, trying to tempt us with their latest and greatest offerings. We tend to stumble from one amazing new piece of “shiny” to another.

Independent Media Productions, Inc. provides video production services for Austin and a nation-wide clientele. Our Sony HD cameras work well in acquiring high-end professional footage across a variety of platforms.

This year we are taking a hard look at the newest Sony 4K camera as a great addition to our location acquisition mix.

We love Cartoni tripods, and we always stop by their booth to say hello. They usually want to give us a refresher course in balancing the camera properly and we let them!

Our editing systems have all sorts of green-screen and special effects options demonstrated by industry pros that make it all look so easy. We always pick up the latest tips and tricks by watching in-booth demonstrations.

The show is so large that it’s overwhelming. But it does provide an insight into the ever-changing industry of video production.

NAB provides us with a world view of video production and how it is utilized to benefit a diversity of corporate, broadcast and non-profit clients.

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And the Oscar goes to…

Video thoughts

Who hasn’t practiced their Oscar acceptance speech? We would certainly like to thank all of our clients and crew members for our success over the years.

At Independent Media Productions, the consensus among the crew for our two favorite films are “Philomena” and “Her.”

Each film combined flashback images and sounds to propel the story forward. Like in effective corporate video production, good fundamentals still work.

The most sure-fire bet to win an Oscar in any category is “Gravity” for special effects.The talking, flying dragon in “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” is impressive. But the experience of space walking sets a new standard for special effects realism.

Our favorite scene of the entire year is Leo DiCaprio’s “Quaalude adventure in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” If you’ve seen it, you know what we mean. He had to visit a chiropractor after shooting that one- that’s commitment.

promo video

Stevie Ray Vaughn lives! Promo video.

Video examples

This fun promo video to increase attendance at a conference held in Austin showed-off the city’s highlights through green screen “vignettes” that placed the narrator into the action. Filmed against a green screen, the video was a success, increasing awareness of the event and attendance at the show.

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