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Healthcare Video production Austin TX

Help is at hand: Healthcare video production

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Healthcare video production

Our clients always surprise us with the subject matter for the videos we produce. This self help healthcare video production was no different.

Maybe it's ancient cypress trees, or brain surgery, martial arts, or entomological societies (the study of bugs). We've done 'em all.

Now we can add "pelvic pain" to the list. We had the opportunity to make a physical therapy video program that demonstrated exercises for this all too common problem.

Two excellent and professional "PT's" (physical therapists) appeared on camera for some scripted parts and some action scenes on a therapy table.

They had a sense of humor, too. Their matter of fact explanations usually included an unusual approach, like an umbrella blocking various maladies. The animation and graphics were fun and engaging.

To give it the high tech look, we shot everything against a green screen, and keyed the background white in post-production.

It was fun to cover the activity with multiple camera angles, including one that featured an overhead view. Editing could be precise, with a close-up of the main action.

Healthcare video production

The selected model was well-cast. She brought just the right amount of seriousness and humor to each scene, as we showed how to perform each exercise.

Since the PT's wrote their own script, they had no trouble with their intros and outros via the tele-prompter.

After multiple revision cycles with tweaks and additions to the many illustrations, we had an easy-to-watch video program about how to deal with pelvic pain. Now what?

This was where our knowledge of the video industry paid off. In addition to,the traditional DVD distribution method, we suggested the Vimeo web site.

After payment, the web movie could be watched by the end user for a specified period of time. Our clients were thrilled. They had no idea it could be so easy to distribute their program. It's now working for them, and their clients, every day.

Multiple cameras, high tech look, smart and engaging presenters, and the right distribution medium- it all added up to a successful program that's really helping people.

Austin TX Healthcare video production

By applying our usual video production techniques, this video extends the reach of our physical therapist clients beyond Texas, to clients all over the world.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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Texas TV Commercial Production

As Seen on TV: TV Commercial Production

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TV Commercial Production

Austin TV commercial production

Ah yes, TV commercials. Before the Internet, before social media, even before cable, television advertising was how people brought attention to their product or service. Even though we now have other means of hitting our target market, TV commercial production remains a great way to advertise.

We recently had an opportunity to turn some amazing drone footage into a cohesive message for a coastal property near Corpus Christi, TX.. The Gulf Coast is a business juggernaut, combining land, sea, roads and rail in the robust Texas economy.

Producing a TV commercial to highlight an amazing piece of the Texas Gulf Coast

The footage was effective in showcasing the potential for the perfectly located piece of land to be developed. Scripting and graphics would enhance the view and tell the story.

Hooking the target audience in the first few seconds is key. This was a fast, shotgun blast of production elements, graphics, footage, upbeat music to set the tone and voiceover.

The script evolved with drafts back and forth to the client. The amazing drone visuals speak for themselves; the VO and graphics filled-in the blanks on the potential for this amazing Texas Gulf Coast location.

Draft versions and minor revisions to the graphics tweaked the message into a tight 30 second informational package. Multiple VO takes finally yielded the right overall tone.

Click to play

Texas TV commercial production

By applying our usual video production techniques, this piece of the Texas Gulf Coast now has a spotlight on it. We're proud to have crystallized our client’s vision with our commercial.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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Austin Overview Video

Every Ring Tells a Story

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Austin Overview Video

Every Ring Tells a Story

Each overview video production has some interesting facts and adventure connected to it. But some have a bit more than others.

A view inside the world of reclaimed and sinker woods turned out to be fun and fascinating. It was for a wonderful client east of Austin in Manor, Krantz Recovered Woods. They specialize in salvaging virgin growth wood, from old buildings, warehouses, barns, etc., and turning it into amazing products ready for flooring, beams, trim and one of a kind furniture pieces.

Wood from before the Roman Empire, buried in the swamps of Louisiana

overview video production

Still of animation from an Austin overview video for Ancient Buried Cypress wood.

They had salvaged 14 truly ancient cypress trees, some that pre-dated the Roman Empire! But how to market this ancient wood....the oldest for sale in the world?

Overview video to market rare wood

We collaborated with the knowledgeable owner on the scripts, for both an overview video and the video for the amazing ancient buried cypress.

But how to REALLY SHOW IT? Drone videography seemed to be the right tool at the right time for the right view of the huge wood stacks. As the device swooped up and over the ancient woods, we couldn't help but be reminded of the famous scene in the movie, "2001," the cut from a bone in the air to a spaceship...the advance of technology.

There was no need for any sort of teleprompter device for the owner's on-camera parts. He knew what to say. We shaped the ever-evolving script around his on-point soundbites.

Every type of video production tool was used: animation of how the buried cypress came to be lodged in a Louisiana swamp, vintage still photos, iPhone video from the actual excavation, graphics, the drone videography, and our normal B-Roll coverage.

Once we had locked the script, we searched and found just the right voice for the narration. And after some feedback, the final tweaks produced two videos that represent this beautiful natural product from Mother Nature.

We knew next to nothing about rare woods when we embarked on our latest video adventure. But now we appreciate it after our immersion into that world.

Our video production expertise, in collaboration with our client's expertise and enthusiasm about rare woods, yielded a final product that represents us both.

Krantz overview video

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Austin Convention Video Production

Give a Peek Behind the Scenes

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Give a peek "behind the scenes" and everyone learns.

Usually, we don't want people to view our messy, meandering processes. The "sausage-making" so to speak. We carefully curate our content, polish our message and keep the lessons we learned along the way very private indeed.

But we recently produced a series of webisodes for the Professional Convention Management Association and Austin Convention & Visitor's Bureau that aimed to do exactly the opposite. We pulled back the curtain on what it takes to plan and stage a MAJOR industry convention, so that everyone can up their game.  It was the ultimate convention and meetings group planning for the ultimate annual meeting!

These webisodes, released over many months, took the viewer along on the road to this big annual convention, and gave amazing insider tips on how to come up with new ideas, fresh content, and how to take advantage of the location of the meeting to delight event goers.

Webisode convention video series gives an inside out look at the meeting planning process.

Each of the six webisodes featured a combination of interviews, B-Roll, and lots of abstract graphic illustration. We put industry experts on-camera, and their sound-bites had to count. A two-camera approach for bridging together content worked well. Then, there we gathered illustrative B-Roll at the convention center and all around town to complete this this Austin convention video production. With a Steadicam and a second unit, we acquired actual meetings in a conference room and viewing spaces at the convention center. And we used every frame of footage. But some concepts are better represented and illustrated with motion graphics and screen text. 

In all, we got to work with a team of smart, creative people and helped them communicate their message to their target market. By "pulling back the curtain" on their own planning process, the web series helped other meeting planners spark new ideas.

Here's one webisode from the series, addressing how to Leverage the Convention Destination.

Austin, TX video - Bat Bridge

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fundraising videos

Fundraising Videos Work!

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Sometimes greatness is thrust upon us, when our video production skills actually serve a noble purpose. Such was the case when we were asked to produce a fundraising video to help raise money to expand the undergraduate computer lab for UT's Astronomy department.

We scouted the location and it was immediately apparent that the expansion was sorely needed. The students were packed together in a small, noisy space. Our quest was set. Use our great story-telling techniques to dramatize this bottleneck towards the pursuit of higher education.

Fundraising videos tell a story with a purpose

The fundraising video has really become an important tool today. With sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo now well known, we've produced several videos in the past for worthwhile causes. This particular video would be online and also shown to potential money donors to raise money to double the space allotted to the lab.

First, we interviewed students and educators who had unique insights into the computer lab situation. Having the interview scenes overlooking the lab would be the perfect combination of elements. But how to do it? By placing the on-camera subjects up against the lab's window, seated on high stools borrowed from a chemistry lab, and elevating the camera to look down on the computer lab we had the proper scenario. Our interviewer was mostly hidden in the shadows behind the camera, but it looked right on-screen.

Austin fundraising video interview

Now to acquire the real stuff. What the French call "la reason d'entre" (the reason to act). The too-crowded lab in full cry. Oh, the humanity...After acquiring interviews all morning, a large group of students had volunteered to be cast as extras playing themselves. They knew why we were there. They eagerly cooperated. Shooting the illustrative "B-Roll" footage was a dream. The camera could weave in and out and between the students. They interacted. They took direction. They pointed on cue. They "hooked-em." It was glorious. And fun to shoot.

There was no need for scripted narration. The interviews provided plenty of appropriate commentary. As usual, we had more than enough cover footage. The editing process was quick and easy, with our producer calling out just the right shot.

As video producers based in Austin, Texas, it doesn't get much better than this. The university folks loved the final product, which turned out quite heart warming. We felt good about working with a purpose, for a cause. For us, each day in the life of a video producer is different. But some days are really special, when it all comes together.

Some days it's like falling downhill. We're happy to please the clients, but we are REALLY happy when we please ourselves, too. And raise money for a very worthy cause.


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Brenham videographer

Brenham Video Production Invites You to Visit

Video examples

Brenham video production in the heart of Texas invites you to "Stay. Play. Getaway."

That’s the slogan for Washington County’s Convention and Visitors Bureau. Our task was to showcase “The Best of Texas.”

In the center of bluebonnet country, Brenham and Washington County is a special place that embodies Texas history, culture, and natural beauty. This video production highlights all of the stops that delight visitors: festivals, wineries, live music, history and small-town charm.

We worked closely with the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau to capture footage of their little corner of heaven. This video production will be used to promote Brenham and Washington County as a tourist destination. Then we visited historical sites and locations throughout the region to gather our footage.

Video production Brenham TX

Brenham Video Production Highlights

Producing the CVB's web movies for families and corporate groups involved a lot of location videography. We got to know the area and the people very well on our many sojourns there.

The first step into that adventure was the annual Bluebonnet Festival in Chappell Hill. It was crowds, music, food and a general celebration of the Texas State Flower. Put the camera into almost any position and let the activity tell the story. A low-angle shot of a bluebonnet display on Main Street put the focus into proper perspective.

Transitioning to the Antique Rose Emporium required a slightly more tranquil approach to the videography. That continued with a visit to a local winery. Some subtle movement filled the frame with roses and grapes.

Blue Bell Factory Tour...yes please!

Next, the famous Blue Bell Creameries featured more people and a glimpse into their production process. Think Willy Wonka with ice cream. Once again, it was hold the shot and let the activity do the work.

Brenham Video Production

The final big event of the summer is Hot Nights Cool Tunes in downtown Brenham. Kids dancing in front of the stage said it all, rounded out with teens wandering through the crowds while mom and dad enjoy adult conversations and beverages with their friends.

We also worked with a young family of volunteer actors on a geocaching quest to find out about "the birthplace of Texas." We stayed out of their way and followed their lead in discovering the historical sites. Think "fly on the wall" videography.

For such a short script, we gathered a mountain of B-Roll illustrative footage. Because most of these shots had some sort of movement, either on foot or on the road. From famous Wild West trails, to a cotton gin, to the shops and restaurants on Main Street, we covered all of it.

Many people gave us a friendly wave as we worked (and some made the final cut). Collaboration on the final script required some serious streamlining. With a few final tweaks to the shot selection, the final draft was approved and was added to the Brenham / Washington County CVB web site.

"The Best of Washington County" video won both a Telly award and a Videographer Award. 

Finally, the most gratifying result for us is the accurate portrayal of the lively towns between Houston and Austin.

Brenham Tourism Video: The Best of Washington County

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San Marcos TX video production

Video production – San Marcos style

Video examples

San Marcos video production, take one

When it rains, it pours- especially in San Marcos, Texas. We recently produced two awesome video projects back to back in that city. They were both fun to do, but they required very different skill sets. We've directed many video productions in San Marcos TX, and love this vibrant city with its winding rivers, beautiful trees and local college scene.

The first company was a locally-owned distributor, with three big warehouses on the edge of San Marcos. They needed demonstrations of specific products for their big industry trade show. Our scout trip helped to clarify the options we had for shooting their scripted scenes. A back portion of their third warehouse was perfect for setting up a large green screen- plenty of room for lights and cameras and minimal activity.

The products were sports-related, so it worked well to key-in a football field stock art image. We even added a special effect with stock footage water coming out of a spigot. Yes, it was magic. A star was born, too, with one of their workers showing excellent demonstration skills on-camera. We started calling him "One Take Omar."

We shot scenes in the morning, took a lunch break down the highway at an authentic Mexican-food place, then finished up in the afternoon. One of their sales guys with a great voice did the narration. Then we headed back to Austin.

Our clients took the video to the big industry trade show and got great comments from their booth visitors. Now the demos are on the company web site as stand-alone web videos next to the products. 

San Marcos video production, take two

Our second recent foray into San Marcos was at a large, well known manufacturing facility. That's where the similarities stopped. A local group within the large corporate structure had won an international excellence award for their competition presentation. It was a "Law & Order" spoof that showcased a continuous improvement project and featured company personnel playing their parts as if in a courtroom. They had a great PowerPoint presentation as part of the "evidence." And the "actors" were really good, and they had obviously performed the award winning presentation many times.

But where to shoot it? Our scouting trip made it clear that their large product "presentation room" was perfect for a courtroom scenario. It had plenty of space and it had a screen for the PowerPoint. But the room was dark. We had to blast the area with three large soft box lights. The judge required a special spotlight, since he was slightly removed from most of the action. Our shooting style was a throw-back to the early days of TV, when "I Love Lucy" employed three cameras to capture catch every aside and reaction from Lucy and Desi (and Fred and Ethyl). Three takes and some film-style editing got the best performances woven together into a cohesive program. A manager's meeting was commandeered to provide the "jury," complete with a standing ovation at the verdict. The message inherent in the skit was supplemented with interviews and B-Roll around the plant, featuring managers and workers.

San Marcos Video

It was a full day on-location, but it was a blast to shoot and edit. It all worked. The excellent creativity supplied by the award-winning employees added some nice buzz to the overall message of the program. It's now proudly featured on the corporation's San Marcos web site.

Shooting and editing these programs was a challenge, but that's how we grow and improve as video producers. We're ready for the next challenge- in San Marcos and beyond....

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Austin event video production

Event video production: Lights, camera, action!

Video examples , Video thoughts

Event video production

Event video production is a great way to promote next year’s event, or provide the meeting content for those who couldn’t make it. We film conferences and events throughout Texas for our clients.

We have years of experience covering multiple breakout sessions and also producing highlight videos to help with your marketing efforts. Many of our clients choose us for their events year after year, which is always an honor.

Whether you are a local group, or an out-of-town company, we work with all of the local hotels and conference centers to make sure that your event comes off flawlessly. We will scout the location and liaison with the hotel’s AV contacts to ensure the best possible sound and lighting for your event.

Here is a link to a short “highlights” video we produced for a client’s large annual conference. We spent 2 days filming with multiple cameras throughout the event, and gathering interviews on the fly.

Client Review

Here’s a nice review from a client. We have now produced their conference videos for years:

Independent Media Productions performed both the recording and video processing for our AppSecUSA conference in Austin TX. Even though we gave them little notice, they came into the conference and set up quickly, in a professional manner. Their presence was barely noticed as they recorded the sessions. The quality of the videos produced was outstanding, both in video and sound quality, their rates were reasonable, and the turnaround time for production was very good. Also it should be noted that Stacy Formby, who handled the video production, worked with me very quickly to both tweak and deliver the videos quickly and efficiently. I would certainly use Independent Media Production again for our next conference”. – D. Hughes, AppsecUSA

corporate event video production

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Video production, the future is now.

Video examples , Video thoughts

The turn of the year makes us think about where we are as a society. Surely we should all be George Jetson by now, driving our spaceship to work.

New Product Introduction Videos

New Product Video Production

New Product Introduction Video Production

There are a few references to The Jetsons that HAVE come to pass. You can talk to and see people on your phone or computer via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and video conferencing systems.

One of our favorite clients provides a cutting edge video conferencing solution for businesses. We work with their marketing team to shoot entertaining and educational "green screen" new product introduction videos featuring their experts on-camera.

Employee Testimonial and Recruitment Videos

We recently completed several management and employee on-camera testimonials and company overview videos for Aurigo Software. They are planning to hire many new people in the coming months. Each of their videos showcased a different aspect of the company, all targeted for new-hires. It helped to have our teleprompter in place for the scripted comments.

Click to play

Educational Webisode Video Production

Throughout the year we will be producing a series of "webisodes" for an large event planner association. By capturing real-life event planning, interviews with experts, and Austin-area B-Roll over the course of several months, viewers will be taken on a “journey in event innovation.” The videos will give viewers a behind the scenes look at how to reach stakeholders, generate ideas, leverage destinations, design environments, integrate technology, market and communicate, and more.

Event Video Production

Austin event video production

Event and conference video production in Austin, TX

We look forward to providing event coverage for many groups that have annual meetings and conferences. Some of them have enlisted our help for several years in a row. They've become old friends. We often provide multi-camera coverage of keynotes and breakout sessions, as well as capturing interviews and testimonials from attendees. Often we compile a snazzy "highlights" reel of the event to be used for marketing in the future.

We love what we do. Every day is different; collectively it brings a mix of new and familiar faces in the work that we do. Please contact us if you need help with an upcoming video production. We're looking forward to new adventures in the future.


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healthcare video production

Video helps tell your story

Video , Video examples

Healthcare video production

We've produced videos for many medical and healthcare oriented clients, from healthcare conferences to medical procedure videos, medical device training videos, physical therapy training videos, and more. 

This healthcare video production is for a company that is changing the way medical care is delivered. This video helps tell the story of how concierge healthcare will change people's lives.

Actors and enthusiastic volunteers helped make this healthcare video production a great success. We shot on location and included professional dolly moves to enhance the storytelling. All of our young "actors" really did great, and we were proud to work with them. Our adult volunteers worked hard to deliver the script for this healthcare video for a disruptive healthcare services company.

Client testimonial

But don't take it from's a review from the pleased client.

"WhiteGlove Health is so proud of the work Independent Media were able to provide. They went well beyond the call of duty to help us make our vision a reality, even helping us with a location to shoot. It was a pleasure working with Independent Media, and will definitely be calling them again for future projects."

Heathcare video example

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Testimonial video production

“Little Orange Book” testimonial video production

Video examples

Need tips on facilitating excellent classroom learning? Ask an experienced educator.


When experienced, passionate educators pool their knowledge, you get a wonderful book about teaching, “The Little Orange Book, Short Lessons in Excellent Teaching” published by the University of Texas Press. This book passes down expert teaching tips and thoughtful reflections on classroom learning from seventeen members of the University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

Testimonial video production

When you train your camera on these University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers, you get a heartfelt testimonial video to promote the value of passing on teaching tips to younger educators. We enjoyed working with these educators to capture a “little” of their wisdom in this testimonial video production. We shot this in one day on the UT campus, and the editing was done very quickly in time for their marketing deadlines.

testimonial video production

Short Lessons in Excellent Teaching. By The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers


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Corporate Video Production

Corporate video – Why do you get out of bed?

Video examples

Corporate video production

Making software that helps non-profits achieve their goals is rewarding in every way. In this short brand corporate video production, the employees of this software company tell us “why they get out of bed in the morning.”

We had a great time helping this company tell their story, with employee testimonials that really resonate. Dolly moves and green screen helped transform this austin video production into a compelling story for their target market.

Whether you are a large company, non-profit, or small business, using video as a sales and communication tool is a great way to connect with your target market. The opportunities for using video effectively are vast, and we’d be happy to help brainstorm with you on effective ways to promote your company through video. Let us be your one-stop shop for video production services.


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